03 December 2009

Not just about the baby!

Lest you think that baby Alexandra is the only child who gets space on this blog, I thought I'd throw in a couple of my boys.

Sorry for the blur in this shot, but I thought I would post a picture of Michael's goose-egg from last night when Drew "accidentally" pushed him out of the way to save him from running into a shelf. It looks much better today-there may be a Christmas picture after all!

The boys were pleasantly surprised to find that, yes, their Mama had stayed up last night to finish all of their winter hats. In truth, I finished making Peter's last week. Today it is supposed to be around 32 degrees, so I'd say I finished just in the nick of time!


Jamie said...

Hey! The 20's are coming your way! It's supposed to be 24 today here! We have a light dusting, not enough to play in though.

The hats are adorable! That big bump, oh, it gives me the chills, I hate those big bonkers, amazing how it just missed his eye, poor little guy!! (angels working overtime?)

Kim H. said...

Poor little dee-dee! Reminds me of John's bonk of last year -- the run-in with the trampoline.

And those hats -- ADORABLE! Have I told you lately that you are an incredible MOMMY?! :)


Sarah - Kala said...

God, your kids are cute, cute, cute!!!! Even with goose eggs!!

God bless you. and, the hats are great!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
What a bruise! Praise God that He was watching over your children!

The hats look gorgeous.

Have a great week,