02 December 2009

Odds and Ends

Thought I would try to take a moment to breathe and fill in on what's been going on around here. Nothing major, but I am feeling very overwhelmed of late!

I am happy to report that my baby girl is sleeping through the night. She has been sleeping until 5 every morning. This has been a welcome change (6 would be better, but I am not complaining!). Alex is a very easy baby for the most part. She loves to smile as well. Today, she surprised me by rolling from her tummy to her back! I have never had a child do this quite so early. This afternoon, I thought I'd see if it was a fluke or not. It wasn't. She flipped over after about 10 seconds on her tummy. She was laying on the floor on her blanket while I was busy with the boys. The next time I looked, she had scooted herself (on her back) about 16 inches over and pretty much off the blanket! I am so not ready for any of this. I was hoping to not have to worry about the tree this year.

In the midst of these exciting events, Michael ran screaming out of my room. He and Drew had been watching a show in there while Peter finished his homework. Apparently, the two brothers had been doing acrobatics on my bed. Drew said that Michael was going to fall into the shelf, so he blocked him by pushing him (accidentally, of course!). Michael had a goose-egg on the side of his eye which I am sure is going to be a lovely shade of purple. So, do I get their Christmas picture taken or wait for it to go down?

So, my overwhelmedness? (Is that even a word?) Just feeling like I am running all the time. Work has gone from no hours to too many hours! I am just feeling like I have no time to breathe. Busy with the kids and the house all day, then I teach until 10. Most nights I am up until 11 or 11:30, and then Alex is up at 5. I am tired. Thank God for a great husband who helps out a lot, and understands when I don't get everything I want to done.

I decided to take off my last hour tonight to give me a bit of a break. There is a front coming through tonight, and I need to finish Drew's hat because, of course, his is the one not done yet. Wish me luck!


Christine said...

Hang in there! This is normal. Life to me is always crazy. It will settle down when we are old and gray.

take a later photo!!!

Sarah - Kala said...

I wish you God's rest, peace, and blessings!! Hang in there 'cos I know you are thankful for all of it when you stop to ponder it. God is good!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Christine, it DOES NOT settle down when you are old and gray..........it just gets different:)
Take a picture now, it may not even show.
I promise you will wake up one morning in the not to far future and it will all seem like a blink of the eye. They will be grown and new challenges will await you.
Love you, hang in.

Anonymous said...

Therese, may God grant you His peace and rest.

Praise Him for helpful husbands!
Have a wonderful week,

Jamie said...

Oh, Alex is just so cute, those cute chubby cheeks and big brown eyes!!!! I just want to kiss her!

You have the cutest clothes and dresses for her!

Bridget also started rolling over and moving really far from where we lay her about 2 weeks ago, she rolls off the blanket and gets carpet fuzz in her mouth--yuck!!! I also, thought this was earlier than the others....I think my memory goes though, I just can't remember with the others when they did this!!!

I have a cookie recipe--a favorite Christmas one, one I've made since I was 13 years old, but not sure if I'll get it posted in time!

Jamie said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot, Bridget also was sleeping until about 4am every night, sometimes 5am and it lasted about 2 weeks, until last week when she started getting up every 3 hours again!!

Hope Alex keeps her sleeping up!