17 December 2009

Another Update

My sister continues to improve, although she is in a lot of pain. Everyday movements we take for granted hurt a lot. My brother-in-law has requested no visitors for the time being so my sister can rest. I am hoping to see her over the weekend. I miss my sister.

I have a few specific requests for prayer at this point. We were informed yesterday that my sister more than likely needs a pacemaker. This surgery is very minor compared to the one she had, but my sister is very disappointed with this turn of events. Please pray for peace for her with this surgery or for the miracle that her heart goes back into rhythm and she won't need one. My husband reminded me yesterday that this is not a done deal and that God can change this if He wishes, so pray like crazy!

We are also unsure as to when she will come home. My brother-in-law is hopeful it will be next week. I am praying that she is home for Christmas-for herself, for her husband, for her children. Her children are all handling this beautifully, but it is hard for them to not have their Mama home. I am so proud of all of them-from my adult nieces who are managing things on the home front all the way down to the youngest who misses his Mama terribly. Please pray for them to have strength and peace as they help my sister through her recovery.


Aussie Therese said...

still praying each day for your sister and her family.

Kim H. said...

Wow! Another surgery. The poor thing -- but yes, like Andy says, it's all HIS plan and we must trust and pray.

It would be great if she could be home for Christmas though.

Hope you're surviving the week before Christmas crazies. :)


Sarah - Kala said...

Trusting God for her best and praying HARD for her quick recovery!!

Herd Momma said...

always praying. Hats off to her hubby for cutting off visitors. Need to get her back in rhythm and HOME! Hope you get to see her soon. Hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Therese, I'm praying for a quick recovery for your sister! :)

Have a great weekend,