04 January 2009


Anyone know how to allow links to your posts? Thanks!


Kim H. said...

Honey, if I spoke up now, it'd be like the blind leading the blind. I'll crawl away now.

Charlotte said...

You mean like putting a link in a blog post to a previous blog post that you wrote?

If so, open up your blog a second time in a new, second window.

Find and click on the blog post you want. Highlight the blog post URL.

Back on your blog in the original first window, paste/embed that URL into your editing text just as if you were pasting/embedding an internet website.

I hope that's what you're looking for!

Aussie Therese said...

If you want to have a little icon that says link to this post, you need to click on the bottom link "post Options".

the two options are reader comments and backlinks. Simply click on allow and it will have link to this post at the bottom of your post.