12 January 2009

Contest Results!

You all wondered all weekend, didn't you? Some of my nieces slept over this weekend, and they bugged incessantly about who was faking. They even claimed I was trying to trick them. I assure you, I didn't. So, who was the faker?

It was Drew!

The picture was taken at my in-laws, and he decided to fake sleeping while we cleaned up!

Most important, however, is who won the contest.
Since Drew was the faker, I let him pick the winner.

He picked:

Congratulations, Lori! Can you email me you address and the color of scarf you would like?
Thanks to everyone for playing! I look forward to the next posts-who knows what I'll do for 400?
Also, if you are looking for another contest, check out my friend, Sydney's blog! She has a great one going on!


mommytoalot said...

Whoo hooo Congrats Lori..
And Drew...job well done

Susie said...

What a fun contest! And it didn't help that I knew them in real life because I guessed Peter:-) Hee, hee, hee.

Kim H. said...

Yes, big congrats to Lori...those scarves look super warm and nice and fuzzy and would keep the cold away in a second and wellmade and stylish and...okay, am I buttering someone up or what?....

I have a confession though...I totally missed this post. I don't know how - but I did. I think I saw the sleeping picture of Michael and thought it was from your Wordless Wednesday - it just shows you what a daze I live in sometimes.

Anyway, what a nice giveaway! You go girl!

Amy said...

Great job on your projects. I have a substituting job this morning but, will get a post later this evening. I got my projects done too! And a few extras.
Congrats to Lori. I had a feeling it was Drew. His face just wasn't relaxed enough to be sleeping.
So glad you had a nice evening with friend.

Anonymous said...

I may not have won, but I got my guess right. I just knew it had to be Drew.

Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

I was correct! I would love one of those scarves, they are awesome. You should open an etsy shop.

Love the new pic too, by the way!

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

I was right! YEAH! Congrats Lori! Enjoy your day in the winner's circle. :)

Clare said...

Lori congratulations! I WON THE SATISFACTION OF MY GUESS! i was correct aunt t, and i always knew you were trying to "kid" me. But Drew is a rotten liar (no offense, you tried to teach him well!) so on friday, he kinda was a little "iffy" again congrats Lori! Its a reallyg great scarf!

Clare said...

btw we were not "bugging incessently"...just 1/2 incessantly....and trust me you tricked us! so lets put a smile on that face (do u like that joke?)

Gramma 2 Many said...

Yea, Gramma can spot a fake from a mile off. Congratulations Lori on the win!!

Shannon said...

Oh, I knew I should've picked Drew! Oh, well :)

Congrats to Lori on the win!

Lori said...

Yay! Thank you so much!!
Thanks Drew for being the faker :)
p.s. ♥ the Favre shirt