13 October 2008

Odds and Ends

We were treated to a visit from my brother. Sal this weekend! He came in to see my nephew play football mainly, but then he also came to see my boys play soccer. This meant a lot to me, because of my siblings, he is the other soccer parent in the bunch of us. Drew scored a couple of goals, and Peter did pretty well as goalie. Michael, well, I think we only had to run onto the field to get him about 3 times!

I have had questions about the rally! We went to see McCain and Palin late last week. I went with friends, but took Peter with me to show him some history. We were in line for about 2 hours which meant we were seated behind the media! It didn't matter, though, because it just felt really good to be surrounded by people who want the same thing!

I would like to say that I got pictures of John McCain and Sarah Palin, but couldn't. I tried taking pictures of them from the big screens that were up in the overflow area, but Andy said that, well, they looked like I took them from a TV. Oh well!


Kim H. said...

What an awesome memory you were able to make with your son. I loved the "kids for McCain & Palin" sign. Too cute!

I still remember when my Mom took me to Chicago to visit the Pope back in '82 - or was it '83? Can't remember, but it was still awesome!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Very cool lesson for your son. He'll never forget this one and what a good lesson you're teaching him about our country. Never know, you may have a future politician in the making.

Christy said...

that is SO awesome that ya'll went together. That is somethign he will not forget!!

Cecilia said...

Wow... Thats so awesome that you went and that you took you boy! It really must be nice to be surround with same like minded people!

I love Soccer!!!

Shannon said...

Very cool that Peter came with you!