29 October 2008

Associations Again

The LA Times apparently has a video of Obama at a dinner for Rashid Khalidi who was spokesperson for the PLO (1976-82) when it was known as a terrorist organization. The dinner was a send-off in 2003 when Khalidi was going to teach at Columbia.

Again, I am questioning why people are not looking at his associations. Again, I am questioning why we can't see the tape. Look, I understand that the journalist made a deal to not release the tape with the person who offered it up. In order to hold onto integrity, I understand that you don't divulge a source, but to not release the tape is so wrong.

I am asking people to look at Obama's character. There are just too many shady people that he associates with. If you haven't heard about the story, here is the article. Below is a video about the story.


Kim H. said...

It's so frustrating how people chose to turn a blind eye. I am over trying to get people to understand why they shouldn't vote for him - outside of the WAY OBVIOUS! I find it so hard though because we have friends - really intelligent friends - that don't question.

I know that sounds like I have a bad attitude about it - may be I do, but the people that need to be doing their research about him aren't and don't really seem to care to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding, right? The only thing you can dig up on Obama is some vague associations from years ago? And this is why we should not vote for him? You're still reaching... and we're still voting Obama! Obama will clean things up over the next 8 years. Let's just hope people like you do not make another Bush-like mistake and destroy all that the Democrats fix AGAIN.

Therese said...

If you had looked more closely at my blog, this is only one of many posts on the election...the associations are only the tip of the iceberg. His policies with the other democrats help will only lead us into a depressed socialist nation.