27 October 2008

The Life of a Third Grader

My oldest, Peter, is in third grade. This year has been kind of an eye opener for me-and I say that even as a teacher. The work is more challenging, and there is a more of it. This week is going to be a killer.

You see, first quarter ends on Friday. I understand that the teachers want to get certain grades in before Friday. With that in mind, Peter has a Math test tomorrow, a Social Studies test Wednesday, a Science test Thursday and the usual Spelling test Friday. He also has a project for Social Studies due on Thursday.

One thing that has struck me this year is that I need to work with Peter on his studying skills. I came to this realization last month with the first Science test. I helped him study every night for a week. With so many tests this week, that plan will not be an option.

He still has two more pages left on his project. It is a booklet about the community he lives in. Tomorrow after school, we will be driving around taking pictures of interesting things in our town. And then the studying will begin. Thank goodness soccer is over!


Susie said...

That seems like a lot of work for a 3rd grader.

Clare said...

ouch hard week....its the same at my school
those teacher are handing out assignments like candy!

Dawn said...

That does seem like a lot of work. But you are doing great to teach him study skills now. They will be invaluable as he grows.

Corinne said...

Grab the picks off the internet or ahve him draw a few, that's what we did for Helen's last year

Cassie said...

Hey, I have a third grader too (and a Peter, but he's my 1st grader)! What always frustrates me with this kind of workload, especially the projects that they expect the parents to actually do/teach oustside of the regular shcool day, is that they just don't take into account a family with multiple children. My son recently had both a social studies project and a book report, that came home with spec sheets, etc., and were clearly expected to be taught solely by the parent, with none of the work being done in school. Well, hello! I have three children on three different soccer teams, a toddler, and I'm 9 months pregnant! The school day ends at 3:30, my kids aren't home until 4:00, we have to do other homework, make/eat dinner, get someone or another to some soccer field or another, finish chores, take baths and be in bed by 8:30. When do they think parents have the time for this stuff??? If I wanted to teach projects to my children myself, I would have homeschooled them! Then I would actually have time! Anyway, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. LOL!!

Kim H. said...


I hear you on the study skills. It's all a juggling act - and I agree with Cassie, there are only so many hours in the day - and quite frankly, I want my kids to still be kids and enjoy some of their day and be able to blow off steam if need be.

But as far as I'm concerned - and I'm speaking from experience because I now have a high schooler - you can never instill good study skills too early! Focus on time-management across the board and you'll be lightyears ahead!