30 October 2008

I figured this out!

Ever since Michael was big enough to figure out how to turn the DVD player on and off (which was a long time ago), the world of exercise has been turned off. I used to have a gym membership, but the only time I could go was 5 AM, and I am just not that much of a morning person. In the interest of our budget, we cancelled it. I have a ton of work out videos from when I was newly married. I actually would get up at 4:30 AM and work out before heading in to work (not sure how I did that!). The problem now was that as soon as I would put one in, Michael was sure to turn off the TV or DVD player. Going walking wasn't an option for him either as he won't get in a stroller. If I have to walk at his pace, it's no workout.

A couple of months ago, my mother-in-law bought me Wii Fit. I was excited, but not. You see, this wonderful tool weighs you. on carpet (because my living room is carpeted!). (You DO know that a scale will weigh you heavier on carpet-don't believe me, try it!). It also gives you a BMI (yuck), and changes your Mii (the virtual version of you) to look like, well, you. After I set it up, I was not in the mood to see Mii everyday. Plus, there was the Michael factor. Would he turn this off?

So, this morning, I braved it. The overweight Mii and Michael. Know what happened? Michael was MESMERIZED! ("Do it again, Mama!") I actually got a good workout in! And as you do more, it unlocks more activities! I love Wii Fit! I. am. hooked.

One side note, I ran today. It wasn't too bad, but I have ALWAYS hated running (bad memories of 12 minute runs in high school). Syd, I still don't know how you do it!


Amy said...

Well that is cool. I could use some good 'ole exercising, but my sad excuse is that I am just too darn lazy :D

Dawn said...

We don't have a Wii. This sounds like a neat thing. I wish playstation would come up with something like it.

Susie said...

Great job!! We don't have a Wii but it sounds like sooooo much fun.

Cassie said...

My kids are getting a Wii for Christmas. It's the only thing they are getting, but they are getting one! LOL! I have had so many people tell me that I will be the one who loves it. I'm definitely going to have to get the Wii fit after having this baby! :-)

Therese said...

we have a wii but I haven't got wii fit yet. Maybe that would be a good present for me and hubby for Christmas.

The children have asked for Guitar Hero. WE will wait and see.