26 February 2008

A New Phase

On Sunday, we were in Jefferson to visit my in-laws. It was a really great day! I went shopping with my mother-in-law, and the kids had fun with Grandma and Grandpa. We haven't been out there since Christmas because of all the snow we've been getting.

After dinner, I decided to give the boys a bath before we went home. I always pack their PJ's in case they fall asleep on the way home. They love taking a bath at Grandma's because the have a huge tub, and they can lay back and soak or play and have a TON of room.

So, I am filling the tub and Drew runs to jump in. On a whim, I asked Michael if he wants to go potty. He hasn't shown any interest yet, but he hates being wet or soiled. He enthusiastically said yes, and hopped on the toilet. Guess what? HE WENT!!! And since then I've created a monster.

Since yesterday, he has spent his day in and out of the bathroom. He pulls his pants and pull-up (left over from when Drew was training a couple of years ago) down by himself and does his thing. Mind you, he is not dry all day, but he is really excited about this. I know that this could take months (Michael is not quite 2 1/2, and the other two boys trained closer to 3), but I see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. It is VERY faint, but it is definitely there!


writermom said...

Every diaper saved is a step in the right direction! Yahoo!

Sydney said...

Therese that is great! It is a long road sometimes, but isn't that just the best feeling?