16 February 2008

I'm a PAID freelance writer!

OK, I have never considered myself a writer, but it is something that I have just fallen into. I got the bug to blog, and have been enjoying pouring my thoughts out, regardless of whether someone reads it or not. It has been therapeutic in a way for me. I have had less stress, and it has helped me to figure out how I am feeling about some things. It has also gotten me to journal, something I have never really been into. As of today, though, I have entered a new realm-I am actually being paid to write!

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my guilty pleasure, Guiding Light, and I admitted that I am now writing the weekly recaps for a website. Well, as of this week, those of us who do this will be compensated! Now, it is nothing that I will put on my resume, nor is it going to make my family rich, not even close, but it does make me feel like I have accomplished something. So, I can now say that I get to write about something I love, and I get some pocket cash for doing it! Yeah!

1 comment:

Sydney said...

That is AWESOME. and I am JEALOUS!!! Good for you!