21 February 2008


A couple of months ago, my friend Sydney invited me to join Goodreads. I accepted not knowing what I was getting into. This website has truly become an addiction!

I am a voracious reader, always have been. My Dad always used to comment on how I was just like my Mom-always reading, and usually reading more than one book at the same time. When Syd introduced me to the site, I thought of it as a way to organize what I am reading, and what I have read. First, I added my book club books. Next, came books I used to read just for fun. Then, I thought, why not add what I read in college, in high school, what I've read to my kids. The problem I am having is that I also have a shelf of "to-read" books. There's my problem-it has reached around 140 books! I can't help myself! I just want to READ, READ, READ!

There has also been another really good outcome of this addiction-my relationship with my nieces. It started out that I introduced Meghan to Goodreads-she loves to organize, so I thought she'd love this. Well, then she invited my nieces Clare and Anne (her cousins). I look forward to almost every afternoon logging on and getting another email from any or all of them. And, we aren't just talking about books. We talk about travel, theatre, and what is going on in their lives. I am really enjoying this connection to them.

So, I am off to log back onto Goodreads. I suppose it's not so bad as far as addictions go-check it out-you'll love it! Once again, thanks Syd! I love this site and your friendship as well!


Sydney said...

My "to read list" has spiraled out of control as well. Hopefully I can knock some more of these off before I add anymore. Although I think I added 5 just this afternoon. :-) At least we can start sharing some of these books!

Anonymous said...

I got your goodreads email, skipped over to your blog, and laughed out loud when I saw your post about goodreads! I think I'm more than addicted to that site--I think I'm OBSESSED!