12 April 2010


So, I had my annual physical last Friday. Andy and I schedule them back to back so that we can swap the kids. It works out really well. We do the same with dental appointments as well. I am glad that I went, but I had much trepidation going in. I don't do the doctor well. I have a great internist who I completely trust, but due to a pediatrician that I had as a child who would tease the 3 of us who struggled with weight, I have a hard time going.

I was checked out, and all is well. I was nervous about my blood work coming back. We have a wonderful online system, and by the afternoon, Andy's was back, and mine was not. All weekend, I had images of the doctor not releasing them because something was really wrong. "Jesus, I trust in You" became my mantra this weekend.

Blood work was released today. Everything was stellar except for one area-my thyroid. I asked my doctor to include the test on a whim. My Mom began having issues in her early 40's and well, 40 is just a few months away. I am glad I asked. Same issue-hypothyroidism. It is a relief to know because it explains a lot-why I have such a hard time losing weight (it's taken me 2 months to lose about 5 pounds), I am cold all the time, and of course, fatigue (who knew it wasn't just the kids!). I have to go back in, but I am so glad everything is well and manageable!


becomewhatyouare said...

Happy to hear you got a good report apart from the thyroid issue. Even with that, as you said, it is manageable!

LOL about the fatigue not being just the kids. That's my excuse for everything ~ that and the hours I keep!

Sarah said...

Not bad report! Good thing you did suggest having the thyroid tested and that you did get results that still will make the diagnosis manageable. I'm sure that is a relief to also find that there is a reason for a number of your issues you've been having.

Sarah Oldham said...

You know, next time I see my doctor, I'll be asking for the thyroid test (again). They always come back clean, but you never know. I have family history of it (varying types) so it wouldn't shock me if I have it some day. Hypo, that is, 'cos my arse is spreading out pretty nicely. He he he.

Glad all is well with you and what you do have is manageable.

Footprints Diary said...

Hi Therese,
Wow - a very good report, and the thryoid issue is manageable.

It must be wonderful to know why you are having difficulty losing weight and are tired all of the time. :D

I also had another blood test recently, and I am iron deficient anaemic again! Sigh! I only had ten injections of iron less than a month ago. I now have an appointment with a gastrologist in May to see why.

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Love, Jillian ♥

Kim H. said...

I'm proud of you for taking care of YOU!!! We Moms often put ourselves at the bottom of the list. It's always better to fight the fight when at least you have an explanation.