27 April 2010

Baby Girl

My darling daughter, Alex, seems to be going through some separation anxiety-from her mama. When I lay her down for her nap, she cries and screams. While I would normally let her cry it out, the problem now coming into play is her standing and sitting. If she would lay and cry, she'd fall asleep.

Today, I laid her down this morning and she cried. I gave her the nuk. Then I sat by the side of the crib and eventually crawled out on my hands and knees. I can't do this every day. I also can't let her see me walk out.

This afternoon, she was having none of it. She cried and cried. I snuck out again. She got very quiet so I though she was asleep. The door was open as I can't close it when I sneak out. I went about my work. I walked past about 20 minutes later only to see Alex sitting, clutching the bars of her crib, nuk in and looking like a prisoner who had been abandoned. One look at me and she started to wail. Needless to say, there was no nap, and we had an exhausted Alex this evening (she also NEVER sleeps in the van!).

So, I am at a total loss...suggestions???


Anonymous said...

I don't have any suggestions (I just lie down with my babes ~ even to toddlerhood~ and I just don't mind it; it's easy and peaceful) but I hope you find something that works for both of you soon!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could, but with a 4 1/2 year old who does not stop during the day, I can't lay with her-trust me, I would love to!

Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
I also used to lie down with our children, or else I would take them for a walk in the pusher, when they would go to sleep. I would leave them asleep in eyeshot of where I was.

Have a wonderful week,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Christine said...

At lease your baby girl takes a nuk. My baby is at the breast all day long.

She loves her mama...all babies do. Jamie has to carry her baby all day long sometimes. I think it is totally normal for her. Just do what you have to do.

Jamie Jo said...

My baby doesn't nap!!! I just laid her down on the floor and she slept for 10 minutes!!! My 3rd child (5 year old) never napped, so this time, I'm a little more patient with it.

Nights are worse, the girls share a room, so Bridget is in with us, I can't let her cry because she will wake up Tom (hubby) so I get her up and feed her, well, many nights this happens every hour or so!!! Most nights it is every 2 hours....she's 8 months old, how long will this last?

It's hard, does it help to know I'm right there with you?

Frizzy and Bird said...

Yaya liked to be bounced to sleep on our knees when she was little. How about a swing?

I'm feeling your pain. It's horrible to hear your baby cry. You want to comfort them but you also don't want to encourage bad habbits. Hang in there and we'll be sending prayers your way.

gramma2many said...

This old fashioned gramma says let her cry. It develops her lungs and she will learn who is boss. She will eventually learn to lie down and sleep if you do not "rescue" her every time. My grandson Darius tries that with me, but after about 5 min, max, crying, he is sound asleep. I admit I laid down with Olivia, but that started when I had Mono and was sleeping more than I was awake so it made sense to bring her to bed with me. Yes, the Mono did last a long time with me. A full year before I was back up and running so Olivia was used to my laying down with her by then.