27 May 2008


I am putting out the call to those who are reading my blog. I am looking for new ways to save money on groceries. With prices going up on just about everything, I am looking for some new and exciting idea that I hadn't thought of. Do you shop the Walmart Supercenter? Do you shop Aldi? Woodman's? What do you think?

The things I need to do to start: Coupons! I had been very good about couponing for a while, and then I got out of rhythm again. It doesn't help when there are no coupons in my Sunday paper either (like on Sunday!).

I also need to go back to Big Lot's. If you have never been there, the are an overstock store with lots of name brand items like cereal, cookies, crackers. I can usually buy a BIG box of cereal for around $1.50 (compared to ($4-5) at the store. With summer will come extra snacks for the boys, so I will be sure to go back there.

But I am putting the call out-what are you doing these days to save money on groceries? Let's share ideas and make it easier for all! Feel free to post a comment with your thoughts!


writermom said...

I know you have said you don't like your Aldi, (ours is really nice, clean and well stocked), but every time I shop there, we have a noticable difference in our grocery expenditures. #2 is Wal-Mart. As much as I like the convenience of our little Pick n Save, Wal-Mart is significantly less expensive. And, for summer, check out the farmer's markets! Also, about once a year we buy beef from Laura's in-laws - for a set per-pound price, we fill the freezer with everything from ground beef to steaks! Last year we got a 4H pig - for something ridiculously low price, like $70, we got bacon, chops, ham, ham steaks, and more - super deal if you can get it. I know some butcher shops have deals on things like this.

Sydney said...

I second the Wal-mart vote. Things like cereal, yogurt, milk, snacks, etc are cheaper at Walmart. I don't think their price on meat is that great though.

I also buy in bulk at Sam's club when there is an acutal savings in doing so.

Farmer's markets are a great idea for produce, too.

Therese said...

Good ideas...I think I am going to give Woodman's another try...I am really leary of Aldi because of stories I have heard of what goes into their stuff from my BIL who used to work for a company that made stuff for them. I am sure it is fine, but I can't get past it-YET!

Susie said...

My grocery strategy is a little bit different. I don't buy name brands and I don't buy anything if it isn't on sale (with the exception of perishables like milk, eggs, etc.). Most of the time, the generic is just as good if not better than the name brand and if you read the labels, often times they are exactly the same!

Also, I grow my own vegetables in the summer and now, I have an indoor nursery where I will grow things year round. It's also better for the environment because I use zero gas to walk outside or downstairs and I compose the scraps.

Amy said...

First of all, I agree with Susie, I don't buy name brand stuff if I don't have to. Secondly, where I live Walmart is just about the only place to shop, but not always cheaper. I shop the ad at Walgreens lately, and they have GREAT sales on things I can stock up on. Coupons are hard to find these days and even when I do find them, they aren't always for things that I would buy.

writermom said...

Okay - big saving possibility here. Dave was at his chuch meeting last night and came home with the info for SHARE. I've known about this, and a big distribution center is less than 2 miles away, but I never gave it a second thought. Although some people think it is a low-income thing, it is not. It is a nonprofit food buying club, offering good, nutritious products at reduced cost through a volunteer-run distribution system. It is for EVERYONE. June's food list has items like a pork tenderlion for $3.80, Jennio-O ground turkey for $1.85, and a (stock up because the kids are home for the summer) pack of 80 Oscar Mayer jumbo hot dogs for $10! There is a bag of fresh fruit, and even ribeye steaks. We are going to give some of the items a try this month. I'll let you know how it goes. You can check for your nearest distribution location, and see an order form at www.sharewi.org.

One Mom, Five Kids said...

I don't know if you have a CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid - but those might be stores you never thought of. When I first started couponing I would have never thought I could get deals there or save money but those are some of the best stores to get some killer deals - especially on all your health and beauty items.

My strategy is basically to use coupons and combine my coupons with the sale. (but only if the sale is good enough) Just because something is on sale dosn't make it a good deal - same with a coupon. I also trade for more coupons if I need more.

I rarely buy anything generic because I can always get it cheaper with a sale and a coupon.

One other thing - when something does go on sale and it's a really good deal - stock up! I have a huge stockpile in my basement. I spend around $250 - $300 a month for all grocery and household items for my family of 7 (including dog and cat food)