26 May 2008


This May is one of those years when we have A LOT of graduations in my family. Last weekend, my nephew, Joe graduated from the University of Dallas (my Alma Matter). This weekend, we had three high school graduations. My niece, Clare, was on Friday. My nephew, Andrew, was on Saturday, and my nephew, Anthony, was yesterday. Finally, my niece, Maggie, will graduate from eighth grade on June 6.

We had the distinct pleasure of being able to attend Clare's graduation. Clare went to an all-girls' Catholic high school just like I did. It really was a beautiful ceremony. Instead of cap and gown, the girls wear long white dresses. Of course, I am not biased, but Clare was the most beautiful young woman in attendance. The speeches were very well done, especially the one done by the class president. Afterward, we had a really yummy dinner at Maggiano's. I am so glad that I was there!

I just wanted to say that I am really proud of ALL of my nieces and nephews, and of the young men and women they are becoming. Congratulations!

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