14 February 2016

First Sunday of Lent

I don't know about you, but I look forward to Sundays. Even though it is my weekend to work, we run to early Mass and have the rest of the day to shape into any form we please. Right now, I am snuggled up in my room, working, and decided to take a moment to clear my head.

So in the days since Lent started, I have not started any spiritual reading nor have I worked on praying the rosary or chaplet of Divine Mercy, but I have managed the other items on my list. On Friday, I believe I wrote that the fast from Facebook was not too hard. Oh how pride goeth before a fall. Last night, as we were watching a movie as a family (The Croods - not my favorite), I was on my laptop. I decided to balance the budget. When I finished, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to be surfing Facebook as well as playing games. I did not go on FB, but I did hop on Google+ (boring! does anyone even use it anymore?). I played 1 round of Candy Crush Soda-totally dissatisfying. After that, I shut down the laptop, and snuggled in for the rest of the movie.

This morning at Mass, the gospel was the temptation of Jesus. I chuckled to myself and thought how appropriate. I know we use this reading every Lent, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Father's homily (as usual) hit the nail on the head. He started talking about this commercial from the Super Bowl:

I love how he tied this to spiritual hunger, and how fasting makes us hungry. Think about Ash Wednesday-we fast. On any given day, to not snack, to eat smaller meals is not a big deal. Then, because I have to, I am downright HANGRY. Father also took the opportunity to relate this hunger to forms of addiction. We are so hungering for something that we have to have it. Instead, he encouraged us to take that hunger and use it to be closer to Jesus. That is my goal this Lent. That is my prayer. 

Hoping you are having a blessed Lent!


Joseph said...

As a lay Carmelite I pray Blessed Mary's little office and St. John Paul's Stations of The Cross.

Frizzy said...

Why is that? Why can we go without something for days, months or years then suddenly someone or something tells us no or we make a conscious choice and all of a sudden it's all we want? AAACK! Dang that Adam and Eve!

I wish you many blessings during this time of Lent.