06 August 2010

Friday Flashback

Friday Flashback

This is a picture of Andy, Drew and I from my parents' 45th Wedding Anniversary (Peter was off with his cousins). It was such a beautiful, happy day. We celebrated about 2 weeks early because my Mom was scheduled to go in for surgery. This was March. We knew both of my parents had cancer. Mom died August 11, and Dad 19 months after her. This was the last time we would all be together as a family. My heart is a little heavy this week with the anniversary of her death coming up, but I am trying to focus on the positive. THIS was a beautiful day, and I am so glad we were all there for it!


Gardenia said...

Therese, a beautiful photo and surely a treasured memory. I will keep your heart in my prayers for you as you celebrate your mom's life. please link me up b/c your linky isn't showing up.

Patty said...

Therese, you will be in our prayers this week. It is such a difficult time, never quite getting "over it". Have your cry (ies) and also carry the joy of having had such wonderful parents!

Jamie Jo said...

Beautiful photo. I'm sad that you are sad. I'll lift you up in prayer.

I'm not doing flashback today, sorry, no photos yet!!

Dawn said...

More prayers your way!