25 February 2009

Pregnant Musings

I am sitting here tonight waiting for my last teaching session to begin, and I am musing about this pregnancy. Of course, I have it in my head that this one is dramatically different, so that must mean I am having a girl, right? (OK really, healthy is all that counts!)

Here's my deal, and I will try to get through this without sounding whiny. I have been really sick this pregnancy. I always am, but it is so much worse. The doctor put me on medication which keeps me from throwing up often (I still do, just not as much). I have been kind of miserable, but glad to be so, because I know that sick is good, right?

So here is my real issue...I AM HUNGRY...ALL THE TIME...but I am nauseous too. Late afternoon through the evening until bedtime is the worst. My problem is that I teach at night for 3 hours. I can't reduce my schedule because we are in peak right now. Any suggestions to help make this better would be greatly appreciated. I am 11 weeks, so I should be in the home stretch!

As an aside, while I was getting sick before dinner, Drew was checking on me (he's my worrier). I told him that it was the baby but it would get better soon. He asked me if the baby was being WILD in my tummy, and do I need to give the baby a bottle! Too cute!


Jamie said...

I swore our last baby was a boy...I was sooo shocked she was a girl, I kept asking the ultrasound tech, "are you sure she's a girl?" Yes, she was. SO I don't speculate until that ultrasound now...we're probably having a girl! We are the opposite, we want another boy!! (I have one boy, 3 girls)

Yes, healthy is number one!

You are sicker than me, I throw up, but not much, mostly my mouth waters and I gag. All the time. ANytime. I am not hungry though and that is the hardest, making myself eat, with the diabetes, even if I throw up, I still have to eat because of low blood sugar!

Oh, pregnancy woes!!!
Friday I will be 12 weeks, we are pretty darn close!!!

Hang in there!

My husband says that every time I say "this is the worst pregnancy" He'll say "you say that every time" I say "well, this one really is" He will then say, "you also say that!!"

It's always worse when we are in it, isn't it?

Kim H. said...

Does anything sound good?....crackers, cheese, grapes, anything? I say if it sounds good, have it on hand and make yourself eat it. I'm telling you I drank so much herbal tea when I was in my first trimester and that totally helped.

I loved the "is the baby being wild" question. Too funny!!!! I want to EAT HIM!!! :)

Hang in there honey. We're praying for you -- and the countdown is on.

Love and prayers.

Herd Momma said...

OH OH OH!!!!! Sick in the evenings?! Have you been evening sick with the other pregnancies? I was sicker in the evenings than the mornings on my 'last' pregnancy. Know what I had!?!?!!!!! TWINS!!!!!! I am so coming to you when you have twins! I LOVE TWINS!
Ok. Audrey tells me I am getting a bit carried away with the exclamation points.
My easiest solution agrees with Kim. If it sounds good, get it, eat it. Then pray for the first trimester to be over soon!
Keep us posted!!
Oh, and hearing only one heart beat at those first few appointments don't always mean there isn't another one in there. Not til the ultrasound around 15 weeks did we know we were having twins.

Amy said...

I was VERY sick for both my girls. Only the first 11 weeks though. I have heard that you need to eat 6 smaller meals through the day instead of 3 larger ones. That should curb the nausea. ALthough my mouth would water ALL the time. ughh, I don't miss that feeling :)

Anonymous said...

That is too cute about what Drew had said. I hope that you start to feel better soon :)

Clare said...

oh drewsey! so cute! im guessing that sick is good!

Aussie Therese said...

I found the more often I ate, the better the morning sickness was.

I have to agree with Amy (herd momma Amy). As soon as I read really sick, I thought gee I wonder if it is twins.

It is a bit funny. I have twins on the brain tonight. I just posted a comment to another mom of three boys that twin girls would be perfect. They would have three older brothers to look after them both.

Shannon said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon!