25 February 2009

Frugal Finds

I have discovered a couple of really good websites lately to help with saving money. I thought I would share them today.

The first one, Common Sense with Money, is absolutely fabulous! She has links to lots of good deals and freebies. We literally check it everyday for the latest hot deals. She also breaks down the weekly deals at Walgreen's, CVS, and Pick n Save among others to get the most either off your total order or rewards back to use towards a future purchase. This site is saving us some serious money!

The other one is Pinching Your Pennies. This site is one I am still trying to get the hang of, but they do a great job as well of how to save money on everyday items. They even have a forum that breaks down grocery deals by state. Again, worth checking out!

With the state of the economy, I figure we all need to help each other out!


Teri said...

I will check that out. I like it when someone else has already done all the leg work!

Anonymous said...

I will send my mom over to you blog to check out your findings. I am sure she will appreciate your sharing them.