07 March 2010

Odds and Ends

It seems like there have been so many times this week that a blog post comes to mind, and I think that I will remember it for Sunday, and now, I don't! I will tell you that these days of Lent are flying by. I don't feel like I am getting enough done spiritually, but there is always room for improvement. I am hoping to post my review of the book I am reading for Catholic Company soon! It is a good one!

Baby girl is getting so big! She will be 6 months on Wednesday. I may have to break my blogging fast to post pictures. She is turning into such a big girl! I have been able to keep up with making all of her baby food. She loves sweet potatoes, squash, peaches and pears. This week, she had avocado for the first time! I read that it is a super food for babies, and she loves it! (With all that good healthy fat in them for brain development, we are trying to see if we can add to the rolls on her legs!). We also were very surprised to have her get her first 2 teeth! The boys were much older (9 and 11 months), so needless to say when I told Andy I though she was getting teeth, he dismissed it. At the dentist this week for cleanings, our hygienist checked out Alex and confirmed my suspicion. Two days later, one broke through. Yesterday, the second arrived.

I am continuing to work at becoming a better saver on just about everything. Andy made me a spreadsheet at the beginning of the year and I am tracking how much I am saving on food, clothing and just about everything you can think of. As of last week, I was at $957 in savings since the first of the year! It is kind of fun to see how much I can save.

We also made a huge change in our house. We purchased one of these. In about a week, we will be eliminating our land line and the cost associated with it. We also switched our cable to satellite and Internet to DSL. All told, our bill will be dropping from $145 per month to $80 per month, a savings of $65! I am so excited about this because I always felt like the cable company really had us, and now they don't! I also dropped the data plan from my cell, not being able to really justify it because of losing my team lead job late last year. That too was a savings of $25 per month. Anyway, bottom line is that I am having fun finding ways to save money!

I miss you all, and wish you a fruitful Lent!


Gardenia said...

we dropped our land line too, after alot of discussing and hemming and hawing before we actually decided. but we've saved alot and are glad we dropped the land line.

Sarah - Kala said...

So, if we buy that Voip box, we never pay any company for the service, it just goes through our PC line? I'll have to show that to Chief.
Baby girl is darling!!!

Jamie Jo said...

OK, I am breaking my fast from reading blogs again....You post later and I check in the mornings, so I miss your Sunday posts! I am only reading yours though. (Ok, and Christine's, but she, I didn't give up, because she's here in my city and I, well, I just can't give her up, not that I should give you up....Oh, I'm digging myself into a hole, aren't I?)

Anyway! I have so much to say, great post!!! Alex is growing sooooo fast! She's adorable, I've missed seeing her sweet face!

Bridget got her 2 teeth in December and none since. (so the babes are the same now!) We just started food a couple weeks ago, but just rice cereal....how do you make your own baby food? I'm intrigued....what kind of equipment do you need? **you need to email me! (please?)

Avacado? Wow, 2 of my girls love avacados (the 5 and 3 year olds) so we always get them, never even thought I could feed it to the baby! I'm going to have to try it!

We gave up our land line in I think December and switched from cable to Direct TV and switched our computers too.....I know we saved at least what you saved. It seemed the cable company was constantly rising their prices and taking away stuff. We are happy with the switch. For the Cell phones, we got an extra line for the home phone, to leave at home, so if we have a sitter (rarely that happens) who does not have cell herself, they can use our phone for emergencies. Also, so if we are out, our cells are not constantly ringing....anyway, good luck with all that!

Great job on the saving thing!

Back to the baby food thing....I remember with my last baby, the baby food bill was $20 every 2 weeks, that's pretty hefty, huh? I know my hubby would love me to make it all, if it's easy and not too time consuming, I'm interested. And what a great easy transition to table food!

When do we start cheerios? I forget everything!!

Have a great week--I miss you. I wonder why God placed us so far apart? I know we'd be such close friends IRL!!