28 March 2010

Long Week

It has been a long week in our household as we try to adjust to a new normal. We have been having a hard time getting a hold on Drew's allergies this Spring. It started with the first warm-up. He was stuffy as usual, but he also had this cough that we could not seem to get rid of. I decided to skip the pediatrician and take him directly to the allergist. I am so glad I did!

When Drew went 18 months ago, they said he did not have many allergies, as the skin test showed. The doctor examined Drew this past Tuesday, and immediately said he was wheezing (could not hear it myself, but later found out that his coughing jags are when he is wheezing). They decided to to a lung test first. His capacity was at 74% (down from 96% 18 months ago). They gave him albuterol and retested. It only came up to 79%. Drew's diagnosis? Asthma.

The also repeated the scratch test for allergies and he lit up like a Christmas tree. His big ones are danders, trees, grass and mold. I really like this doctor and he came up with an action plan. They increased allergy meds, and added 2 inhalers. One is for daily use and the other is albuterol for before exercise and as a rescue. I need to take him back in a month.

So, the week has been spent adjusting to new med schedules, and coming to a new normal. The diagnosis did not surprise me, but at the same time was kind of unsettling. We'll get used to this. So far, Drew is doing brilliantly. Since the addition of the twice daily inhaler, he is breathing much better. Soccer season is starting again in a couple of weeks, and we'll do fine. God will help us through this!


Nancy said...

God will help you through this, Therese...He is walking right beside you! I'm glad that Drew is adjusting and is showing some improvement! Keeping you in prayer!

Anonymous said...

Hi Therese,
Speaking from a household of asthmatics, Drew will be fine now that he has been diagnosed. :)

When I was diagnosed, I had 85 different allergies, and it isn't possible to live without eating or breathing something that I'm allergic to. :-/

God is right there beside you, strengthening you, and I'm praying for you all. :D

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Jillian ♥