13 May 2009

Whiny Rant Ahead

I think this post is about to be a whiny rant, so, if you aren't in the mood, please move on for today. I promise to be better tomorrow, but I need to get this out.

I am tired absolutely exhausted. I know I am 4 years older than I was the last time I was pregnant, but gosh, it seems so much harder this time around. I am still sick. Yes, that's right, at 22 weeks, I still throw up every morning. I am also having some major food aversions. My mother-in-law made two roasts on Sunday and lovingly sent the leftovers home with us. I cannot even look at them! The store had a meat sale last week, and I stocked up on a lot including several roasts. Roast anything goes well in our house because there is pretty much anything for my picky boys. Meat for Drew, my meat-eater. Mashed potatoes for Peter and Michael, my starchy boys (they do have to at least try what they don't like), and whatever sides I make to go along with these 2. Well, meat, in the form of roast, is turning my stomach, as is mashed potatoes! I am seriously having issues right now!

Tomorrow I go for my OB appointment, as well as my gestational diabetes test. They are running it early because apparently I am at higher risk because of my ongoing ovarian issues. I have never had a problem in the past, but with the issues I am having this time around, I feel like it is one more thing that could go wrong. So, first thing in the morning, I get to skip breakfast (great for the morning queasiness!), and drink that super sugary stuff. YUCK!

I am also feeling terribly at odds with the to-do list in my life. I had an interview over the weekend to be a personal assistant to a graphic designer. This was yet another work at home opportunity. I didn't get the job, but the woman had commented on how organized she knew I must be to run a house with 3 boys and another baby on the way. Glad she couldn't see the chaos around here.

I ran out of detergent 2 days ago. I had a dream last night that we had dirty clothes piled to the ceiling and my in-laws came over. Thank God it was just a dream! The reality is, however, that I am once again behind. I did laundry on Monday which my husband lovingly folded and put away, but I have a TON to do all over again! I am also working on a scoring project right now and should be parked in front of the computer reading all the time because it pays really well (I have got to finish this and get back to it!), but I also want to be finishing my book club selection (due Monday), and starting on a new crochet project for a friend having a baby. I, for the life of me, cannot get into a routine. This exhaustion is getting the better of me.

OK, rant over. Thanks for listening!


Kim H. said...

Honey, outside of the being pregnant part, I could have totally written your whole post.

Deep breaths, deep breaths. This too shall pass and our dear Lord will continue to get you through. Just keep trusting.

And yes, just know that the laundry will be there tomorrow and the next day and the next day. Start with a SMALL mental list of accomplishments and don't beat yourself up if you don't get it all done. You are doing the most important thing right now and that is growing and keeping that baby healthy and safe.

And I'm sorry you're still sick -- know if I lived close I'd come shop and cook your food for you guys. :(

Extra ((((HUGS))))

Brandie said...

I am sorry you are so tired! You sure have alot going on!! I hope writing it out helped make you feel better...it always does me!

Corinne said...

I love that you are dreaming about laundry, too funny! Thank God, at least that has not happened to me....yet! Hang in there babe, one day, hour, minute, at a time!! I always get the jitters and feel real sick after drinking that orange stuff. Good luck!

Jamie said...

At least you don't have a broken leg? Does that help? I still can't drive! It will be 8 weeks Friday living with this and getting larger every day (and flabbier)

I have a friend who has 8 children and with one of the middle ones became so sick of meat that she has been a vegetarian ever since!!

It will get better...It will get better...one more day down!

Sarah said...

I'm kinda laughing . . . wanna kick my butt?!? I am sorry about all this, though, but look at the bright side (there is one): you're getting another baby!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!! I mean that in a very healthy well-adjusted Christian way. Take one minute at a time, honey. You only have right now anyway. What does Our Lord tell us? There is sufficient worry for today, let tomorrow take care of itself. It's okay to plan, as it is necessary, but be flexible with yourself. Try to do a general chore schedule . . . Laundry on Monday and Thursday with Saturday emergency loads. Have your older boy load the dish washer and he can even learn to run the dryer. :) You can do it! You have my prayer!
Btw, your rants are very controlled. Are you sure you got everything off your chest???

HUGS galore!!


Anonymous said...

Lots to do...resting once and awhile helps when you can :)

Nancy said...

You more than half way there!! I'm so sorry that you're still throwing up. I wish there was something that I could physically do for you (like your laundry)!
I know this is hard to hear (you can cus me out now....I'll wait.....)but try to offer it up for the souls in purgatory! I will ask Our Lady to bless you in a special way these next 18 weeks or so!

I know you know this already...but...if there is any food that you CAN tolerate...or that you crave...just eat that! Eat what you can, when you can. My OB recommended Ensure for me. The vanilla wasn't half bad and it gave me the vitamins I needed without having to actually chew anything!
Anyway...know that I'm thinking about you everyday! You are an awesome mom, teacher and friend. Do only what you feel like!

P.s. You could prop up your book club selection on the edge of the toilet and kill two birds with one stone!! :)

Aussie Therese said...


Just keep saying

This too shall pass.

Teri said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon. I remember getting sick just seeing a commercial about bacon or sausage. Yuck.

Herd Momma said...

Ok, I ditto Kim and Sarah. Don't think I could add much more. But, I will. So this pregnancy is different? Sicker longer, different aversions. Yep, It's a Girl! Watch out Sister, the road ahead could be fun!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I was goint to say what Aussie Therese said. She stole my thunder:)
Do not look at the large picture. Take the jobs in small increments. Do one a day. If you get to others, great but if not it will be there tomorrow. You cannot fret and fuss about this, it just will not help you or our darling little bloggy granddaughter.
Love you and wish I were close enough to help.

Frizzy said...

Ugh! I can't begin to imagine how you must feel. I can't stand being sick for 24 hours. 22 Weeks?! UGH! With that alone you should be exempt from all other house work and cooking. Wish I could come help out. Instead, I'll keep you in my prayers if that is ok. Good luck tomorrow.

Lisha said...

Oh I do hope you start to feel better. the puking stuff is so uncomfortable! when i was pregnant with my daughter, I couldn't stand the smell or sight of meat, especially hamburger. I was teaching at the time and would walk into the cafeteria and the instant I smelled the hamburger cooking, I'd puke. :P So gross!! I hope today is a better day for you and your test comes back good.