26 May 2009


I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. We were busy but not... a lot of the weekend was spent cleaning out some much needed areas, and then yesterday was our day of fun!

We started out going to our friends' First Annual Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast. We had a great time, and the pancakes? Well, the were absolutely wonderful! Of course the morning was filled with a few mortifying moments, like Drew singing on the karaoke machine for about an hour ("We're gonna rock this house!" I have NO IDEA where he learned that from!). Then, there was Michael, who decided to come through the basement door to the main floor via the cat door! Yes. he got stuck, and they had to remove the cat door to get him out. (Luckily, they don't have a cat anymore)

Then, in the afternoon, we went to my friend Lisa's house. She has 3 girls who compliment my sons' ages very nicely. The kids play so well together. We had a really yummy grill out with burgers and hot dogs and the fix ins and smores for dessert. And my dear, sweet friend didn't let me bring anything. All we had to do was show up-so much appreciated as this Mama is very tired these days! All in all, had to be the best Memorial day yet!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty fun Memorial Day to me! Drew and Michael are too funny!

For Memorial Day, I was in Chicago with my cousins and we went out to bruch, then drove back home, got back around 3pm and they we barbacued! That was a good day for me as well!

Kim H. said...

OHMYGOSH!!!! The visual of Michael getting stuck in the cat door is HILARIOUS!!! Now that is something my JOHN would totally do!!!

And what a nice friend you have -- if you lived close I'd invite you to a bbq and have you bring NOTHING too! :)

love ya!

Herd Momma said...

Hey it could have been worse. You could have urped pancakes all over! I assume your tummy is treating you better?

Anonymous said...

Those pancakes were soooo good! YUM! LOL