22 January 2008

What happened to my babies???

I knew it would happen...I saw it with my nephews...I just didn't think it would be so soon.

As the mother of three boys, there are just certain things you instinctively know will come to pass. For example, at some point, I knew I would go into the bathroom, sit down and come to find the seat left up. Fortunately for me, this rarely happens, but it still does.

My sister-in-law, Lydia has 8 children (yes, that was 8!), and the first 4 are boys. Presently, their ages are 21, 19, 17, and 16. I was their primary babysitters when they were young. I saw them transform from sweet babies to sweet little boys to these gargantuan men who to this day eat my brother's family out of house and home. There have also been altercations and disagreements (like the time one of them threw a chair at another and instead shattered the glass door on the oven, but that is a story for another day). I remember my sister-in-law telling me to wait, my day would come...For me that day started yesterday...

We had the day off from school and there was a beautiful snowfall outside. We had a jammie day where we stayed in our PJs and just stayed inside. At some point in the afternoon, the glory of the snow day wore off. I was on the phone, and was distracted by screaming. I walked into the living room to find not one, not two but three boys in a pile on the floor wrestling. What concerned me was not the antics, but the fact that my 2 year old fell right on in with his brothers and was going at it as aggressively as the other two. Eventually someone cried (my 4 year old), and it was over-or so I thought...

A few hours later, the five of us sat down to what is becoming a family favorite, the newly revived American Gladiators. I watched it when I was single and newly married. It is one of the few shows around that I can watch at night with the boys. Well, tonight, we had a transformation occur, and it was my 2 year old. One of the Gladiators is named Wolf, and as you can guess, he howls. When the other Gladiators respond the question Gladiators ready? The response is this deep-throated Yeeeaaah!, Wolf on the other hand howls. Well, my 2 year old began walking around the living room, actually stomping. He'd stop, crane his head back and howl like nobodies business. By then end of the show, he had also mastered the Yeeeeaaah! My only hope is that he never does this in Church!

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Sydney said...

I laughed at the last line of this. Alex has been AWFUL in church lately! When my mom was here last weekend, Alex was so bad I had to take him out... and was so loud on the way out the priest actually worked us into the sermon, albeit in a nice way. Oh well! I guess there's more fun to come! Got to love it!